American Patent Agency

You’ve found the right place, if you’re looking for:

A Patent Agent in Boston, Patents in Boston, or Patents in Massachusetts 

APA offers fast, effective, and affordable patent and IP solutions to innovators in Boston:

Patent Attorney Boston MassachusettsCompetitive Pricing that’s Based on Results:
Unlike many law firms, American Patent Agency charges on a flat, per-patent basis, instead of an arbitrary and high hourly rate:
  •   – Flat fee (amount dependent on the complexity of the patent)
  •   – Bonus only after your patent is issued (100% success rate!)
  •   – or Flat fee per rejection response from the USPTO 
Our clients like this structure as it requires only fixed payments, andthey know exactly what they will get for the fees that they pay.  No paying by the hour.  No “blank checks” to patent law firms for patent prosecution. We will draft and file the best patents, in the least amount of time, for a price you can afford and plan for.
Patent Agent or Attorney Boston

“APA’s patent expertise and work ethic are exemplary, and they have a very keen business sense as well, which came in very handy for an upstart techie like me.” – Oleg Shincazh, Chromatan, Inc.

“Everyone who meets the American Patent Agency team is struck by their devotion to entrepreneurship as a calling.” – Mark Siegel, KD Secure LLC

“I put a great deal of trust and faith in the American Patent Agency team. It is fair to say my faith was well placed.” – Dr. Robert Zubrin, Pioneer Energy, Pioneer Astronautics

“American Patent Agency’s talent and skill have allowed us to successfully obtain patents and facilitated the expansion of our portfolio of intellectual property.” – Foster Sayers, KD Secure LLC

“APA has been with us all the way on our adventure to obtain our first patent.” –  Robert Logan, Seduzy Corp.

Prior Art Search

A proper prior art search requires a great deal of time even with technical background and an understanding of patent law.

Provisional Patents

The first step to creating a strong intellectual property position is a rigorous search of previous technology and drafting a placeholder for the USPTO.

Patent Drafting

The American Patent Agency team has an outstanding history of successful patent issuance based on the patents we have written.

Patent Prosecution

Whether prosecuting patents that we have written, or taking over the prosecution process for patents drafted by someone else, we at American Patent Agency take great pride in our ability to get patents successfully issued in the shortest amount of time and for the lowest cost possible.

USPTO Communication

The road to patent issuance is not always easy, but our methodology and competence has  earned us a 100% success rate for our clients.

IP Consulting

At American Patent Agency, we are passionate about innovation and intellectual property, and want to see you succeed with yours.

Working with APA:

Our mission is to conduct ourselves as a Clarity Patent Agency to our past, present and future clients. We make our presentation simple and our operations efficient in order to keep our costs low. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. To that end, we tailor our services to your needs and capacities to enable you to succeed.

We are inventors, patent agents, and engineers who write rock-solid patents and get them issued in record time on a fixed-budget. We pride ourselves in our work, and we do not rest until our clients achieve success. Our interest in innovations drives our achievements in IP protection.

Our focus is to exemplify the three crucial pillars of good patent work: Quality, Speed, and Cost.

What We Believe:

American Patent Agency prides itself on providing exceptional strategic patent drafting and prosecution services to companies of all sizes and stages. We call our patent services “strategic” because we don’t just consider your technologies as standalone patentable entities, but take a comprehensive approach to your intellectual property portfolio – always keeping in mind that these are the assets you hope to build your business around. We want to help you build the strongest IP foundation possible for your company.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. To that end, we tailor our services to your needs and capacities to enable you to succeed. We focus on three crucial pillars of good patent work: quality, speed, and cost.


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